Our Services

Our Services

We will make sure to deliver health services in solstice, life- centric approach to patient’s wellness. With this in mind, we offer range of services to meet one of the most pressing needs of people in the UAE like Medical consultation, Health Check-up and pediatric and vaccination. We aim to make healthcare more convenient, efficient life, and ensure optimum care for everyone within our communities.


In order to care the health status of patients at Sakura Medical and Dental Clinic, we offer the following services in our clinic.

dental treatment
Dental Treatment

Our dental team consists of dentists of Japanese and Arabic nationality being licensed at Dubai Health care City, which is an assurance that patients are receiving care where every aspect of patient safety is considered. We are dedicated to provide you one of the highest standards of personalized dental care in a gentle, efficient and professional manner using one of the most you to date dental materials and technologies available. Our team is committed to deliver an excellent, long lasting dental health to everyone.


Medical List

During the consultation, the doctor will take your medical history examine you, discuss the possible causes for your symptoms, discuss treatments, possibly issue a prescription and arrange tests or referral to specialists if necessary and discuss any follow up arrangements. In addition, we will provide a Japanese interpreter upon request of the patient.



Comprehensive medical consultations and general practice (General medicine)

In order to maintain a healthy way of living, we offers a comprehensive medical consultations and general practice (General medicine). Residents in the UAE and neighboring countries, if you have any worries about your health please feel free to contact us.


Health diagnosis and various screening

For everyone working in the UAE and surrounding countries, we provide Health Check-up Programs for companies of all sizes. Our programs are flexible and can be customized in order to meet your specific needs.



Vaccination Services

For those travelling abroad we offer adult and pediatric travel vaccinations. We offer a full range of childhood immunizations as well as catch up protocols who may have been partially immunized in other countries.


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