For those travelling abroad we offer adult and pediatric travel vaccinations. We offer a full range of childhood immunizations as well as catch up protocols who may have been partially immunized in other countries.

One of our services is immunizations of children to keep him or her safe from many childhood illnesses such as pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis, diphtheria, haemophilus influenza type B, measles, mumps rubella and varicella. Parents are offered the information they need to make the right decisions regarding vaccines.

Please contact us to make an appointment for immunization and please bring the following documents:

  • Passport of the child and guardian
  • Vaccination record (If Available)

List of Vaccines

  • 1  DT (Adult)
  • 2  DT (Child)
  • 3  DTaP
  • 4  DTaP + IPV
  • 5  DTaP + Hib + IPV
  • 6  DTaP + Hib + IPV + HepB
  • 7  Pneumococcal
  • 8  Meningococcal (ACWY)
  • 9  HepA (Adult)
  • 10 HepA (Child)
  • 11 HepB (Adult)
  • 12 HepB (Child)
  • 13 HepA + B (Adult)
  • 14 HepA + B (Child)
  • 15 MMR
  • 16 MMR + V
  • 17 Herpes zoster virus(Shingles)
  • 18 HPV
  • 19 Rotavirus
  • 20 Typhoid
  • 21 Varicella
  • 22 Influenza(Seasonal)

Please contact us to confirm inventory of these vaccines.

  • Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is not available in the UAE, Yellow fever and BCG vaccines are available in the UAE, but are not authorized to be given in our clinic.
  • If you need any vaccines which are not listed above please don’t hesitate to call us.

Vaccination before heading to a business trip.

Protect yourself and your community by getting vaccinated before you travel. Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccinations. Four to six weeks before you travel, schedule an appointment to get the recommended vaccines for the countries you plan to visit. This gives the vaccines enough time to start working and time for any vaccines that might require more than one dose.
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